moroccan djellaba dress and babouche pink


The Moroccan Rose Djellaba in suede is carefully executed by hand with Sfifa and first choice fabric, unifying oriental trends.

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    Fake Suede Jellaba and Caftan-dress :

    Our creative ambitions are phasing with the contemporary reproduction of Moroccan haute couture.

    Our new Collection of Fake Suede Jellaba is the direct result of the expertise of Fez’s young artisans, the ambassadors of modern Moroccan craftsmanship.

    from the very beginning, our work was a collaboration effort between the artistique creativity of our partners and our relentless will to make Moroccan craftsmanship a fixed milestone of fashion at the global level.

    Our ambition requires revolutionary production methods and enhanced artistic senses, that is the only way to create elite clothing.

    Fake Suede Jellaba, The art of Haute Couture :

    These precious articles are the product of the creativity of Mrs. Bouchra CHEMSI, a Styliste with unequaled gifts of the “ZEN” team, highly recognized among Moroccan specialists in the field.

    The “ZEN” team is one of the most artistically performing teams of clothing designers both nationally and internationally.

    Their vision of perceiving Moroccan craftsmanship reveals a sense of exaltation of the artistic spirit, a point of strength that this team has, which encourages us to strengthen our collaboration continuously.

    Our suppliers have gained a golden reputation thanks to the quality of their productions based on the weighty expertise of their craftsmen. It should be noted that we validate all orders before shipment.

    It goes without saying that we guarantee highly production quality for both the domestic and the global market.

    It is a brand image that we are building around our reputation, and it will always remain our first priority as long as we serve.

    JTailor-made Fake Suede Jellaba:

    If you wish to offer yourself a tailor made article, please click HERE after choosing all the attributes available for your article.

    The production of your tailor-made item takes between 3 and 15 days, depending on the work required to be performed.

    So you can customize your item to your ultimate satisfaction, because your apparel brings us pride and happiness.

    Any other request of customizing your item is always possible, all it takes is direct contact with our team and everything will be arranged for you.

    Delivery of your Fake Suede Jellaba :

    We inform you that we deliver anywhere in the world via FedEx, whatever you order is, it will reach you in 2-3 days after shipment.

    If your country is not listed among our recipient countries, please contact us by clicking HERE.

    Delivery times depend on the availability and the high performance of our delivery service.

    This is the reason we choose Fed-Ex as our primary delivery partner, and it goes without saying that their reputation exceeds all expectations.

    Any return or refund request is acceptable (excluding shipping price). If you want to buy wholesale Jellaba items, please feel free to contact us on [email protected] for further info.

    Additional delivery informations :

    Return and refund requests are handled on a case-by-case basis, but generally speaking your query will always be answered in your favor because at the end of the day it’s your satisfaction that we aim for.

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    All our pages on these social networks are continuously updated with our most attractive offers, and we strive to ensure that this is always the case.

    Indeed, we have a team monitoring social networks in order to better produce and to serve well.

    Visit our pages on all these social networks, or on our website, and welcome to ASSALASHOP, your reference for contemporary Moroccan Designs.

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    Djellaba Taille

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