Moroccan craftsmanship has always achieved distinguished feats in the field of perfumery, thanks to the customs of the country during the festivities, which were based on the exploitation of the floral wealth of the kingdom. The production of incense (Bkhor and others) and the extraction of essential oils through several ancestral methods such as distillation, for example, resulted in a diversity of products such as Sarghina or the perfume of the Berbers, prepared from the roots of the Sarghine plant that grows in the Berber mountains.

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  • Orange blossom water hydrolate

    With its incomparable scent, orange blossom has always seduced perfumers around the world. Indeed, the distillation of these flowers gives rise to a very precious essential oil;

    Neroli, which is used in perfumery and in the country’s traditional pastry making.

    The value of orange blossom lies in the fact that it has softening and calming properties, but also for its exceptional aroma.

  • Serghina The Perfume of the Berbers (سرغينة)

    This incense is an expression of the identity of Berber customs which is based on an ancestral knowledge of Amazigh botanicals and improved by the fassis in Fez in Morocco.
    From its common Moroccan name, the Serghina (سرغينة) is a plant with small white flowers, whose roots are treated with orange blossom and wadi water.

  • Gomme arabique 

    La gomme arabique est un épanchement de la sève d’Acacia très prisé dans l’industrie pharmaceutique, dans l’industrie cosmétique, et surtout dans l’industrie alimentaire. L’approvisionnement des marchés mondiaux provient exclusivement des pays Sahéliens, comme le Tchad par exemple, qui est le deuxième producteur de la gomme arabique dans le monde.

  • Oud

    Le Oud est une tendance qui vient de la péninsule arabique, qui est fréquemment brulé comme un encens durant les évènements festifs et les fêtes religieuses. Après sa récolte, ce type de bois peut être distillé afin d’offrir une huile essentielle en très faibles quantités, ce qui explique en quelques sortes pourquoi cette essence est très précieuse.

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